Exploring the Healthtech Sector: Leeds Tech Map

This week we’re exploring the Healthtech line – a sector that has seen continuous growth over the last decade, and which in the past two years has been further accelerated by the pandemic. Leeds City Region hosts the largest concentration of medical device companies in the UK – has over 200 healthtech businesses – and accounts for a fifth of all UK digital health technology jobs. 

Also home to NHS Digital and The Department for Health, it’s no surprise that Leeds has become a thriving hub for the sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies who are at the forefront of its growth.




Our first stop finds us at the Horsforth headquarters of TPP. Founded in 1997, TPP set out with a simple mission – to create a connected healthcare system.

Their clinical systems now assist more than 250,000 users and 7,600 NHS organisations, with their work providing care in over 25 different settings. SystmOne, their core product, makes the 50 million electronic health records stored on their database securely available across the NHS, giving patients greater control of their care and contributing to pioneering research.

A substantial player in the Leeds tech ecosystem, TPP are revolutionising healthcare right across the UK – a great place to kick off the Healthtech line, we think!



Well Good 


Where Healthtech meets Tech for Good, you’ll find Well Good. They’re doing great things when it comes to educating and empowering decision makers, and their teams, to improve mental health – both in, and beyond, the workplace. 

After experiencing poor mental health at work, founders Adam and Dan, noticed that there were no services for employers aimed at preventing the same issues they had. As a result, Well Good was created to help businesses deal with these problems early, stopping mental ill health before it impacts on employees lives, the people around them and wider society.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that mental health is something we should all be prioritising – and it’s companies like Well Good that are equipping us to do just that. 



NHS Digital 


Having chosen Leeds as its base, NHS Digital makes a significant contribution to the local sector. Combining technical expertise and creativity, they provide IT and data solutions that transform health and care provision in England.

They design, develop and operate the national IT and data services that support clinicians at work, helping patients get the best care possible.

With their systems serving up to 53 million citizens and 1.3 million NHS staff, they’re designed for a wide cross section of use cases. From complex technical risk evaluation models to highly-accessible patient-facing digital services, NHS Digital systems carry a huge load, and are purpose-built to be high-performing, reliable and cyber secure.



Hero Wellbeing

Hero Wellbeing is an all-in-one tech-led solution providing a bespoke, holistic wellbeing programme for organisations. The Leeds-based digital platform was formed with the intention of leaving a positive impact on companies, individuals and communities by supporting all types of healthy behaviour – creating technology to allow them to focus on being the best version of themselves.

Powered by their hero Navigator app they target all types of wellbeing – mental, physical, financial and social, empowering users along every step of their journey.

You can find a whole host of health-related tips and tricks to keep you feeling your best – from avoiding burnout to achieving the perfect night’s kip – over on their blog.



Pinpoint Data Science


PinPoint is at the forefront of health data science, developing digital technologies in partnership with the NHS to transform our approaches to detecting and diagnosing cancer.

From their offices in Nexus, Leeds University’s innovation hub, they distill the vast, and ever increasing, complexity of medical data and research – turning it into simple tools enabling clinicians to make better choices for their patients.

They’ve developed The PinPoint Test – which uses machine learning to combine signals from multiple blood analytes and basic patient information into a single clinical decision support tool. This then allows clinicians to easily identify those patients who should be referred to specialists for cancer diagnosis, red flag particularly urgent cases and identify those who can be safely investigated for other possible causes of their symptoms.



Eventum Orthopedics

The newest player on the Healthtech line that you (knee)d to know about is Eventum Orthopedics – a Medtech startup who have developed a unique and innovative device with sensor technology that aims to improve outcomes for patients who have undergone knee replacement operations.

Around 2 million patients worldwide undergo a total knee replacement each year, which is expected to surge to 3.5 million by 2030. Studies estimate that nearly 20 percent of patients who undergo knee replacement surgery are dissatisfied with their outcome – that’s where Eventum Orthopedics come in.

They’re currently finalising development, planning to bring their product to market in 2022, so watch this space.



We’ve reached the end of the line, but why not take a look at some of the other brilliant companies pioneering the future of Healthtech here in Leeds? Check out the Leeds Tech Map now and find out how our city is leading the UK digital sector.


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