Exploring the Startup line: Leeds Tech Map

The startup community in Leeds is thriving – and it’s no wonder so many businesses are deciding to make the city their home. The collaborative and inclusive tech ecosystem that has been established here makes it the perfect space to build the tech of the future, together.

On this week’s Tech Map Tour, we’re taking a closer look at some of the brightest sparks in the sector, featured on our Leeds Tech Map startup line.



There are few things more synonymous with British culture than a good ol’ pub quiz! Founded by Mark Walsh in 2017, KwizzBit is the Leeds-based startup bringing the experience to your fingertips, through their fully interactive smartphone quiz software.

With simplicity at the heart, Kwizzbit creates a gameplay experience that allows anyone to easily host or play a game, regardless of their age or technical ability. All of their quizzes are written and rigorously tested in-house by a dedicated team of enthusiasts and trend setters with over 60 years combined experience of making top notch trivia.

The pandemic saw the demand for virtual entertainment offerings skyrocket, and it’s only set to continue as we live in an ever-increasingly virtual world. Having secured significant angel investment in 2021, the team at Kwizzbit have their sights set on scaling to be able to accommodate up to 100,000 hosts, so watch this space!



The Grad Soc 

The Grad Soc is a membership platform for students to access internships and advice, helping them to transition into life post university. Driven by the knowledge that almost 25% of all graduates drop out of their grad jobs each year within the first 2 years of being there, founder George Biddle wanted to change the game for graduates.

Realising there was no one out there representing the average student, George saw a gap in the market to provide easy, accessible internships to graduates with the aim of improving long-term job satisfaction. The membership includes one-on-one mentorship from George, exclusive access to guides and educational materials and a guaranteed internship placement – a pretty sweet deal when you consider the fact it’s only £14.99 a month!

Looking ahead, The Grad Soc has ambitions to grow their team, build their V2.0 and they even plan on launching in the US – a market facing similar issues when it comes to graduate employment opportunities.

They’ve also racked up over 100,000 likes and 16,000 followers on their TikTok page, which you can check here for some top tips from getting noticed by employers, how to nail an interview and some candid insights into life as a job-seeking graduate.




We’ve all felt the frustration of playing email ping-pong trying to find a suitable meeting time with external contacts – you use MS Teams, they use Google Calendar and there’s no easy way to compare schedules. Local startup Calbot is seeking to put an end to that by providing a simple, streamlined and a fully-integrated process of booking your employees and teams for meetings to help your firm serve your clients better.

Calbot has seen significant growth over the last two years, having received their first round of funding back in 2019, fast forward to 2021 and they have started piloting the software with their first clients. In a post pandemic world the demand for easy, intuitive platforms to make hybrid working possible is only going to increase, and it’s great to see a Leeds based company providing the solution.

They’re not short of recognition, having been crowned Startup Of The Year award at the 2020 Leeds Digital Festival Awards, and being named as one of Insider’s Most Exciting Companies for 2021. 



Slingshot Simulations

Shaking things up in the Leeds startup scene are Slingshot Simulations, having developed the world’s first simulation-as-a-service that everyone can use. They’re on a mission to democratise the “Art of Simulation” to non-billion dollar companies and shine a spotlight on the potential of Digital Twins for future productivity and the wellbeing of society, so they’re certainly one to watch.

Digital Twin technology, defined as ‘a digital environment that reflects on, mirrors, and evolves ahead of the physical environment’, is set to disrupt the simulation market. Want to find out more about Digital Twins? Check out this video explaining what it’s all about.

Sustainability is a value deeply embedded at Slingshot Simulations, pledging to become Net Zero 2025, they support their clients to reduce the carbon footprint of their data and discover it’s true value.




Bridging the gap between the unconditional love we have for our furry companions and science-backed care, is ITCH, a disruptive startup helping you to create a paw-fect programme of treatment to help your pet live a happy and healthy life, delivered right to your door.

Harnessing the power of data, ITCH are able to provide effective, targeted pet care to their clients in the form of a nifty personalised box. Having initially started by providing a monthly-subscription flea protection, they now offer a range of complementary products and services for our pets – from insurance, 24-hour access to veterinary professionals and dog-friendly dental care, all with data-driven personalisation at its core.

The brainchild of experienced business leaders – Jonny Gould, James Cox and Adam Gould, ITCH was founded in 2019 and now supports the well-being of over 130,000 pets in the UK with their personalised treatment plans – that’s a lot of wagging tails! 

With more and more people investing both time and money in their four-legged family members, the pet care industry is set to continue to see significant growth over the next few years, and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for ITCH.



We’ve reached the end of the line, but your journey doesn’t have to stop here. Why not take a look at some of the other brilliant tech startups fuelling growth here in Leeds? Check out the Leeds Tech Map now and find out how our city is leading the UK digital sector.


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