PARSE is a programme of Peer Advisory Roundtables for Startup Entrepreneurs

PARSE is a new programme of Peer Advisory Roundtables for Startup Entrepreneurs, designed and delivered by Paceline Digital, and supported by Leeds City Council and Bruntwood SciTech.

PARSE brings together small cohorts of tech startup founders to share knowledge, experiences, and tackle challenges in a secure peer-to-peer environment.
The roundtables consist of 6-8 founders, who will meet for a formal two hour session once every month, for six months. Each session, one founder will bring an issue to the table, and all founders will share their experience and insights in order to help solve the problem. The sessions will be led by Stuart Clarke, with additional contributions from expert advisors where appropriate, and the topics covered will be tailored to meet the interests of the group but could include areas such as investment, product market fit, exporting, and building a team.
If you’re a startup founder based in the Leeds City Region looking to elevate your business offering and collaborate with some of the city’s most exciting tech organisations, register your interest today.
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