Putting Leeds Tech on the Map with: Achille Traore, White Label Loyalty

Found on the AI line, White Label Loyalty is a company with big ambitions when it comes to using data to tackle the lack of customer loyalty faced by businesses all across the world. We caught up with Achille Traore, their Founder and CEO, to find out what the future has in store for the company.


Tell us a bit about your company, and your role, in your own words.

White Label Loyalty is a data-driven technology platform that helps businesses increase revenue and retention by understanding, predicting, and influencing customer behaviour. As a founder and CEO, I’m extremely excited about the growth and prospects of our company and we’re proud to be a Yorkshire business serving clients all over the world.


What inspired you to set up White Label Loyalty?

I started White Label Loyalty because loyalty is broken, 75% of all loyalty programs fail. That is because they are built as one-size-fits-all, they have rigid structures and many are still not even available on mobile. Our mission at White Label Loyalty is to fix this. We are fulfilling our vision of creating an industry-agnostic loyalty platform that is flexible enough to fit any use case. As customer loyalty is an ever-present problem for businesses worldwide, we never stop evolving and our product is constantly improving with us.


Why do you think is Leeds such a thriving hub for tech businesses?

Leeds is a fantastic, multicultural hub for not only communities but business and innovation alike. What our company enjoys the most is being surrounded by equally driven, innovative start-ups and larger businesses that love to collaborate for the greater good. Additionally, with two great universities in the city, it is easy to source great talent, which further accelerates the growth of companies based here.


From your unique perspective, what role will the tech sector have in the growth of the regional economy?

The tech sector was uniquely positioned during the Covid-19 pandemic in that it wasn’t as adversely affected as other industries. The reliance on tech, software and data has only increased, which means that there is more business coming in for local tech companies. As a result, I believe that the regional economy will thrive, as these businesses will be able to help bring more revenue into both business and consumer markets, driven by digital transformation and innovation. Additionally, as the economy opens up and tourism starts to boom again, tech can help entice more interest both nationally and abroad.


What do you see as being the biggest challenges faced by the sector, or you as a business, currently?

Coincidentally, I think with the accelerated rate of digital transformation and movement online, there is equally more competition coming to the market. We see a number of varied tech companies on the receiving end of large investments, mergers and acquisitions, which automatically puts pressure on our business. Nevertheless, we feel that as an agile business, we can be extremely reactive and proactive at the same time when it comes to product innovation and offering more value to our clients. I enjoy solving problems, so any challenge in my eyes is just another opportunity.


Looking back, what has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

Starting my two businesses, White Label Loyalty and Top Screen Media, without a doubt. I took the plunge by diving deep into the world of tech and have never looked back. As mentioned before, I thrive on problem-solving, which means that I have enjoyed pivoting strategies based on market and client needs. I have met some incredible people along the way, and the learning cycle never stops!


Looking forward, what are your hopes and ambitions as a company?

2021 will be a crucial year of scale for us. Our ultimate goal is to become a household name in digital loyalty and continue to serve more and more global brands, helping them understand and retain their customers better. In order to achieve that, we are growing our international team and always looking for new opportunities.


Who, or what, has been the single biggest influence on your working life?

My family as a whole are very entrepreneurial. My dad had a business in trading and music, so I learnt a lot from him. All of that undoubtedly inspired me to start a business of my own. Before I founded my first tech business, I joined a tech start-up and got the appetite for it when we took the business from £0 – £6M in less than 2 years – making me realise this is something I am good at. I would encourage everyone to follow their passions.


To find out more about White Label Loyalty, head over to their website and discover more of the city’s leading digital companies on the Leeds Tech Map. 




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